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A letter to my son

May 03, 2014 • ☕️ 1 min read

May 3, 2014

Dear Son,

How are you? How are Sanjana and the kids? I hope you all are happy and healthy. Shani isn’t giving any more trouble, is he? Don’t go hard on him. He just needs more direction. Get everyone to meet me sometime. I miss you all a lot. You didn’t even come during the last eclipse. Everything is fine here. I’m enjoying my time.

I wrote this letter because I wanted to discuss something important. It’s about your glow. It seems you are burning too brightly these days. It is summer on the northern hemisphere and everyone is complaining that my Aditya has done this, and my Aditya has done that. I tell them that you’re just doing your work, trying to get more clouds in the sky, giving more food to the world. But they still complain.

Sage Narada told me that the Vaishnao department is looking into sending you an official directive. Apparently most of Lord Vishnu’s devotees come from India and the Indians are in the midst of choosing a new leader for their tribe. They are very inconvenienced by your glow. Narada told me to let you know this beforehand so that we can avoid the embarrassment of receiving an official reprimand.

I know that you are old enough. I should stop interfering with your work, but I worry. I don’t want people talking bad about you behind your back.

Sanjana might not tell you, but I’m sure she doesn’t like it either. She is always by your side. You’re tanning her really bad. Didn’t your father-in-law help you last time? Can’t you ask him this time too?

Again, I hope all is well. Please write back when you get this. I’d love to hear all about what is going on in your life. And think once again about what I said. Glow a bit less.

With Lots of Love,

Your mother,

PS: I talked to Anjana. Maruti won’t trouble you again. Cute kid, he is.

Disclaimer: This is based on pop-mythology. I do not claim accuracy. I tried to research for this, but there were so many different stories that I decided to wing it. I found this blog post by Journey2Light very useful.

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