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Dissent(I) : Vanguard

June 04, 2014 • ☕️ 1 min read

Jotteau put on the headphones, turned up the volume, put his feet on the messy table and laid back in the chair, listlessly petting his fluffy grey cat, Leia, trying to grasp the fact that it was the last day of his life as a normal teenager.

The soothing image of Lake Ibirthina reminded him of his childhood at his grandparents’. Very little had remained after the Galactic Empire had marched on Ibirthe. Qaetha wouldsoonbe next.

He had promised to be at the vanguard with Khristeer, but Jotteau did not have his resolve. He would miss his parents, his friends, his life. He felt an uneasy void in his stomach, asking him to stay back. But he knew that the sacrifice had to be done.

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Pawan Hegde

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