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Parkinson's Law

April 18, 2015 • ☕️ 1 min read

The administration on the planet of Zolgian was in shambles. An independent council of elders was convened and tasked with overhauling the system. The council was given free rein and the assurance of no external pressures. Years went by and the council grew in power and stature. More prominent citizens joined the ranks of the elders and the council kept working on. Eventually the council reached consensus and summoned an expert to finalise the plan.

The expert gingerly entered the hall of the elders. One of the elders spoke.

“I believe you have received our detailed plans. Did you go through it completely?”

“No, your excellency,” she replied.

There was an audible murmur in the room.

“May I know why?”

“Your excellency… most of the projects explained in the document are already done.”

The room fell silent. “The rest are really not feasible.”

After a few seconds of reflection, the elder spoke again. “Thank you for your expert opinion. You may leave.”

The expert left and the council decided that it was its duty to review the failure of the council in suggesting a viable remedy in time. Years would pass by after this incident and the council would keep growing in number and stature.

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